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Your ARP Team

ARP Board

Clare Campbell, Carly Holyoake, Nicholas Duncan & Sophie Dentrinos

National Committee

Project Director                      Clare Campbell

Vice Chairperson                   Sophie Dentrinos

Administrative Officer           Clare Campbell

Secretary                               Shae Holden

WA Branch Manager             Sophie Dentrinos

NSW Branch Manager           Kristy Garard

Treasurer                                Loraine Dunn

General members                  Carly Holyoake

                                               Holly Thompson                             

Fundraising Officer                 VACANT

ARP Patrons

Kerry Crosbie, Peter Hall & Tim Flannery

Other Volunteer Positions

Web & Facebook             Sophie Dentrinos

Rhino Adoptions                Frances Ingall

Merchandise Coordinator  Kelly Dunford

Memberships                     Denise Vincent

Graphics                            Daniel Scarparolo

Kerry Crosbie

Kerry Crosbie

Kerry Crosbie, Founder & Patron/Advisor

Kerry is the Founder of the Asian Rhino Project. A Zoo Keeper of 9 years, she worked as a Senior Keeper with the Southern White Rhino at Perth Zoo. Her passion and commitment to Rhinoceros conservation has seen her visiting Zoos and National Parks around the world in her quest to learn more about these amazing creatures.

Kerry previously filled the roles of Project Director and Chairperson and is currently a Patron Advisor to ARP whilst she completes studies.  Kerry is also a member of the IUCN Asian Rhino Specialist Group (AsRSG), Board member of Yayasan Badak Indonesia, and member of the Global Management and Propagation Board for the Sumatran rhinoceros.

Clare Campbell (Photo Phil England)

Clare Campbell

Clare Campbell, Project Director & Board Member

Clare is the Director and Chairperson of the Asian Rhino Project, President of the Silvery Gibbon Project, Director of Wildlife Asia, sits on the Conservation Fund Committee of The Orangutan Project and is a member of the IUCN Asian Rhino Specialist Group and Primate Specialists Group, Section on Small Apes.

Clare has extensive experience in zoos, in particular the management of captive primates and has worked with Exotic species for over 14 years.  Clare has extensive experience in species management and has developed conservation strategies and assisted with rehabilitation and reintroduction programs for the Javan gibbon. She is committed to developing and assisting with more collaborative and holistic in situ conservation projects in Indonesia and South East Asia. Clare holds B.Sc. in Zoology/Marine Biology and Post Graduate Certificate in Captive Vertebrate Management and was awarded James Cook University Alumni of the Year for Science in 2013 for her contribution to wildlife conservation.

Sophie Dentrinos

Nicholas Duncan

Nicholas Duncan

Nicholas Duncan, Board Member

Nicholas Duncan is a retired Perth businessman, having been involved in direct sales for 29 years. In 1987, he was the co founder of SAVE FOUNDATION of Australia, a not for profit committed to saving the black rhino from extiction in Zimbabwe. He regularly travels to Zimbabwe four times per year and is actively involved in funding all 11 rhino projects there.

He is passionate about fundraising and running conservation along business lines, and is happy to offer any advice he can to the Asian Rhino Project, through his capacity as a Board member.

Carly Holyoake

Carly Holyoake, National Committee & Board Member

Dr Carly Holyoake has a dual position within the Conservation Medicine Program. As a Senior Research Fellow in Marine Mammal Health, Carly carries out research focused on determining baseline health and epidemiological information on disease levels in marine mammals in Western Australia. She is also the Registrar in Wildlife Epidemiology and Conservation Medicine and provides epidemiological input, as well as, postgraduate student supervision, on the various projects undertaken by the Conservation Medicine Program.

Her research interests include: wildlife disease surveillance, pathology, in situ conservation work and community based conservation initiatives.

Shae Holden

Shae Holden, Secretary

Shae joined the ARP team in 2011 as administrative officer. Shae has now taken on the role as national Secretary for ARP. Shae graduated with honours from the only formal Exotic Animal Training & Management program offered globally. Shae is an Animal Behaviour & Training Consultant whose dedication and commitment to helping animals has led her to work throughout the Australasian region as well as USA, China, Vietnam and Jordan. Shae has worked with a number of animal facilities, institutions & film production companies, but primarily focuses her efforts to working with animal welfare organisations and rescue centres. Her animal training experience has encompassed working with a variety of animal species including marine mammals, elephants, bear species, big cats and various domestic animals.

Lorraine Dunn

Lorraine Dunn

Lorraine Dunn, Treasurer & Merchandise Officer

Lorraine has been Treasurer of the Asian Rhino  Project for 4 years. She also fulfils the role of merchandise officer. She has been a docent at Perth Zoo for 11 years,  an Education presenter for Kanyana wildlife and  runs a hobby Foliage business. She is very passionate about Rhino survival. She visits Zoo's and animals all over the world.

Peter Hall

Peter Hall, ARP Patron

Peter is Chairman of Hunter Hall Investment Management, one of Australia’s leading ethical fund managers with assets of $1.3 billion. He is also a trustee of Action for Brazil’s Children. Peter is the major contributor to the Asian Rhino Project and without him we would not be where we are today.

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery, ARP Patron

Tim Flannery is one of Australia’s leading thinkers and writers.

An internationally acclaimed scientist, explorer and conservationist, he has published more than 130 peer-reviewed scientific papers. His books include the landmark works The Future Eaters and The Weather Makers.

He received a Centenary of Federation Medal for his services to Australian science and in 2002  he delivered the Australia Day address. In 2005 he was named Australian Humanist of the Year, and in 2007 honoured as Australian of the Year.

He spent a year teaching at Harvard, and is a founding member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, a director of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, and is on the International Board of WWF.

The Weather Makershas been translated into more than 20 languages and in 2006 won the NSW Premier’s Literary Prizes for Best Critical Writing and Book of the Year.

In 2007 Tim Flannery co-founded and was appointed Chair of the Copenhagen Climate Council, a coalition of community, business, and political leaders who came together to confront climate change. In 2011 he was appointed Australia’s Chief Climate Commissioner.

Martina Hart

Martina Hart, WA Committee Secretary

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson, WA Committee Member

Holly Thompson has been a zoo keeper at Perth Zoo since 2002 and on the ARP committee since 2004. Holly's main passion lies with Gibbons however after being to Sumatra in 2004 and seeing the beautiful Sumatran Rhino at Way Kambas she has a great deal of respect and admiration for these beautiful creatures. Having worked with the Southern White Rhino at Perth Zoo and seeing them in Africa, Rhinos are also one of her passions. The Asian Rhino species are often forgotten or not known about. It is so important to protect them and educate people about them and gain awareness for the threats they face. Holly hopes to visit India and see the Indian Rhino. We must remember that saving one species saves many more and the Asian Rhinos do not deserve to become forgotten.

Denise Vincent

Denise Vincent, Memberships Coordinator

Frances Ingall

Frances Ingall

Frances Ingall, Adoptions

Frances is a keeper at Perth Zoo working on the Carnivore/Ungulate section including working with their Southern White Rhino.  A member of ARP since 2010 her dedication and passion to Rhinoceros conservation has only increased the more she learns about them.  She now hopes to be an intergral part of raising awareness and support for the three Asian Rhino species by taking on the role of Adoptions Officer.


Daniel Scarporolo

Daniel Scarparolo, Newsletter Graphics

Daniel has been involved with Asian Rhino Project since 2006 as webmaster, designer and secretary. He has worked at Perth Zoo since 2005 and is involved with a number of NGO environmental groups including Painted Dog Conservation Inc, Silvery Gibbon Project and as Chairperson of Project Numbat Inc.