Asian Rhino Projectx

Current Projects

The Asian Rhino Project is actively involved with the IUCN Species Specialist Group, the International Rhino Foundation, WWF AREAS programs, as well as range-state NGOs and boards.

The ARP works together with these organizations, local governments and communities to achieve positive rhino conservation outcomes. We encourage projects to be co-contributed or supported by relevant authorities, local and international NGOs operating in the area. ARP believes that collaboration between all stakeholders will achieve positive, more cost effective rhino conservation outcomes delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible.

ARP’s funding priorities are outlined below. We support all three Asian rhino species throughout their current range states (India, Nepal, Sumatra, Java, and Borneo).

ARP Funding Priorities:

  • Rhino/wildlife protection units
  • Habitat restoration and protection
  • Illegal trade investigations and enforcement
  • Community education and awareness programs
  • Rhino research
    • population studies
    • genetics
    • disease and health
    • captive breeding programs