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Wildlife Asia

Introducing Wildlife Asia

ARP has joined three other premier conservation organisations: Australian Orangutan Project (AOP), Free the Bears (FTB) and Silvery Gibbon Project (SGP) to form a new umbrella organisation called 'Wildlife Asia'.

The aim of Wildlife Asia is to elicit support for the protection and conservation of Asian wildlife through the field programmes of the above four partner organisations. The primary objective of the Wildlife Asiais to increase: conservation contribution, capacity, efficiency, and development of each of the partner organizations.

This holistic approach will give us access to financial support and resources that are currently not available to us. It will also allow us to explore efficiencies through ‘shared services’, to ensure that even more of every dollar raised can go straight to the field. 

The heads of the other Wildlife Asia partners organisations are: Clare Campbell (SGP) who is also one of ARP’s Conservation Fund Managers and Vice Chairperson of the ARP, Leif Cocks (AOP), and Mary Hutton/Matt Hunt (FTB). All of us have been working closely with for many years, assisting each other when we can. Matt Hunt was in fact my inspiration for becoming involved with the Asian rhino species, Leif and Mary were and have continued to be mentors for myself and the ARP and Clare is one of the founders and key members of the Asian Rhino Project. 

SGP, ARP and AOP have already run several joint fund-raising events together and have shown that these partners - can and do, work well together. With all of us working so closely to help each other, it was perhaps predictable that one day we would want a more formal way to increase our mutual goals to conserve Asian Wildlife. This does not mean that ARP and the other partner organisations will disappear - it just means that now we will be part of something much bigger.

We publicly launched Wildlife Asia on the 18th of March 2012 with a fundraising events all over the country. See below for event coverage.

WA Launch Event

In WA, Shelley Beach Park was full of walkers, stalls, a jumping castle as well as face painting and sausage sizzle on the 18 Marc to launch Wildlife Asia. Over $4,800 was raised and a fun time had by all.

ACT Launch Event

In the ACT a wine night was held on the catwalk at the National Zoo and Aquarium, on 22 March 2012.  Guests took part in feeding the big cats, lucky door prize, raffle silent auction, stalls and live classical music.  Over $3,880 was raised.

SA Launch Event

The Torrens River was the site for the SA event on Sunday 18 March, with families and dogs doing the walk, raising over $1600.

Garage Sale Appeal

May 5 was Garage Sale Trail and we would like to thank our supporters who took part and donated the proceeds to Wildlife Asia.  For example:

In SA a garage sale was put on by Free the Bears volunteers which raised over $300.

In NSW the Cool Kids Car Wash raised funds for the cause.

In QLD Alma Park Zoo raised $1,000 for the Wildlife Asia garage sale appeal:

 “Participating in national events such as the Garage Sale Trail is a team effort that boosts morale and lends a sense of community with our Zoo visitors"- Dr Hesterman thanked the public for their donations, support and involvement and congratulated Zoo staff and volunteers on their efforts.

Wildlife Asia ‘Tax Appeal’ for Free the Bears

A month long tax appeal was carried out to raise funds for Free the Bears programs. $2530 was raised and we are hoping the appeal will continue to raise funds throughout the year.

Up Coming Events

Stay tuned for further event details....