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Critically endangered Sumatran Rhino to receive artificial insemination

Experts in Indonesia have started to artificially inseminate Sumatran rhinoceros in an effort to boost the birth rate of thecritically endangered species.

The technique, believed to be the first in the world for rhinoceros, is being introduced at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Lampung,Sumatra. Just recently, the sanctuary recorded the birth of a naturally conceived Sumatran rhinoceros.

Four-month-old Andatu -- a male Sumatran rhinoceros -- is only the fourth to be born in a breeding facility in more than a century.

With less than 200 left in the wild, the Sumatran species is the world's most endangered rhinoceros due to it being killed for itshorns and its natural habitat destroyed by plantations.

Borneo Rhino Alliance's executive director, Dr John Payne, said: "We believe very strongly that the future of this species lies in captive management in places like Way Kambas, where you keep the rhinos under natural conditions, within fences where they get the best global standards from dedicated keepers, the best diet, the best veterinary care, the best international assistance where needed to boost the birth rate.

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