Asian Rhino Projectx

Join Director Clare Campbell on the trip of a lifetime!

There really is nothing like giving back. That’s right, in this specially crafted expedition you will visit the habitat of five of Indonesia’s highly endangered animals – Orangutan, Silvery Gibbon, Sun Bear, Rhino and Elephant - and by doing so help protect their environment for generations to come.

The National Park parks and Sanctuaries we will visit are home to many rare and interesting species, But it is the set of 5 species - Rhinos, Orangutans, Gibbons, Elephants and Sun Bears - that we are directly supporting that we come here to visit. The sheer presence of these magnificent animals will provide a life changing experience. We will see both wild and rehabilitated animals and have the opportunity to be educated by resident experts about all the various species we visit.

The expedition is conducted by Garry Sundin whose Orangutan Odysseys travel agency has already helped 200 people experience the trip of a lifetime and has raised over $250,000 for wildlife conservation. The expedition is accompanied by Clare Campbell, the Director of Wildlife Asia who has extensive experience in the conservation of wildlife in Indonesia, particularly gibbons and rhinos. Clare will provide expert commentary and interpretation of the wildlife projects.

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