Asian Rhino Projectx

Operation Aceh

Urgent Action Needed to Save Sumatra's Forests

The Aceh government has announced its plans to review their spatial plan and convert at least 1.2 million hectares of protected forest into production forest. More recently, a Toronto-listed mining company has claimed to be working closely with the Indonesian government to strip the protected status of some 1.6 million hectares forest on the island of Sumatra.

The proposed changes to the spatial plan, which governs land use in the province, would re-zone large areas of protected forest in Aceh for industrial activities, including nearlya million hectares for mining, 416,086 ha for logging, and 256,250 ha for oil palm plantations.

The Asian Rhino Project, as part of Wildlife Asia, and other NGO’s operating in Indonesia are strongly opposed to Aceh's proposed spatial plan, stating that re-zoning would jeopardize the province's world-renowned biodiversity and place at risk of extinction the last remaining populations of Sumatran orangutan and Sumatran rhino. The area is also home to tigers, elephants and sunbears making it the last forest in Sumatra to contain the Big 5 mega fauna of Indonesia. Aceh’s forests are also critical for regulating water flows in both the monsoon and drought seasons to irrigate rice fields and other cash crops as well as being essential to food security. The increase risk of destructive flooding is immense. Please take action now by donating here , with US$70,000 urgently needed to pay for legal fees to fight and stop this plan. You can also help by signing this petition  and follow the campaign on facebook