Asian Rhino Projectx

World Rhino Day- 22nd September 2012

Help us Raise Awareness and Support on World Rhino Day 22nd September 2012.

Spread the word about world rhino day and the plight of rhinos around the world.

Many people think that rhinos only exist in Africa but we have rhinos as neighbours! The Sumatran Rhino (population 200), Javan Rhino (population 44) and Indian Rhino (population 3250) are of the most endangered rhino on the planet. Together they number less than the critically endangered black rhino population of Africa!

Poached for their horn, the rhino are shot, snared, trapped, poisoned or electrocuted for this keratin substance similar to our fingernails and hair. The horn is primarily used in traditional Chinese medicines and hangover tonics even though there is no scientific proof it works. Illegal logging and human encroachment is seeing the rapid destruction of Asia’s forest and all its inhabitants including the Asian rhino.

2011 saw a massive rise in poaching in Africa with over 440 rhinos poached. Already this year’s toll has reached over 400 and is estimated to reach over 500 by the New Year!

Last year also saw the extinction of two subspecies (Vietnamese Javan Rhino and Western Black Rhino). Let's not let it happen to its Indonesian cousins!

Come and do your bit to help save the rhinos!Hold an event for world rhino day and let us know about it. Invite some friends around for dinner and ask them to donate $20 each to the cause, bake some cakes and hold an afternoon tea at work and charge $5 donation, hold a garage sale on the day.... there is loads you can do from home and every little bit counts. You can download posters and other information from the World Rhino Day website