Asian Rhino Projectx


All three species of Asian Rhino are in desperate need of assistance if they are to survive this decade.

The Asian Rhino Project assists conservation projects across four countries. We are only able to do this through the support of people like you!

Strong relationships are formed with conservation specialists through our active role in conservation workshops and positions on conservation boards. We work together to achieve outcomes as a united force with our partners.

We are fortunate to receive funding for all administrative costs from a single donor ensuring that 100% of your donation is committed to the conservation of this flagship species.

There are many ways you can donate to the Asian Rhino Project:

Paypal and Credit Card

Make a tax deductable donation to the Asian Rhino Project Conservation Fund here using PayPal.

Contribute funds to the Sumatran Rhino Fund:

Contribute funds to the Javanese Rhino Fund:

Contribute funds to the Indian Rhino Fund:


Cheque or Money Order

Please make cheques or money orders payable to 'Asian Rhino Conservation Fund' :

Asian Rhino Conservation Fund
PO Box 163
South Perth, Western Australia, 6951

Electronic Bank Deposit

Asian Rhino Conservation Fund
Bank: ANZ
Branch: East Victoria Park, Western Australia
BSB: 016 263
Account #: 4984 19844

Note: Please do not use this account for membership or merchandise payments. 

Regular Small Contributions

Just $5/month goes a long way! You can organize for a monthly deduction in several ways:

a)      Set your bank account to deposit your set amount on the same day each month via electronic banking

b)      Arrange for your employee to deduct a set amount from your wages and deposit to the Asian Rhino Conservation Fund

c)       Ask your bank to make the nessesary arrangements to deduct a set amount from your account each month.

Deduct a set amount from your credit card each month.

In Memory of a Loved One

Honor the memory of a friend or relative who supported wildlife conservation by donating to the Asian Rhino Project on their behalf.


Remember the Asian Rhino Project in your will by giving a bequest of funds, stocks or annuities.