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Help Raise Funds

Please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information or assistance to hold your own event. Alternatively, if you have a good fundraising incentive for the Asian Rhino Project, we would love to hear from you!

Hold a Garage Sale or Stall

Contact friends and family and arrange a joint garage sale or stall at the local market with proceeds to the rhinos. If holding a private garage sale, choose a central place to hold the sale and contact us with a sale list, date and time to promote on our site. Most papers advertise sales and we are happy to contact them to advertise it on behalf of the rhinos. Flyers can be produced and letter dropped in areas close by. ARP is happy to provide posters to display and information on the rhinos to hand out on the day. Why not also provide a collection tin for those who do not want to buy but happy to donate? ARP can provide labels for collection tins also. 

Hold a Movie Night

Find out if your local cinema caters for fundraising nights and their terms and conditions. You may be able to cater for the night (food, drinks, nibbles, even alcohol in some cases) and ticket sales may be private or through the cinema it’s self. If the cinema is advertised or promoted heavily they might provide discounted tickets for groups. If catering yourself be sure to talk to your local stores about donating food and drinks in return for promotion with the ticket sales and event advertising. Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more info.

Ideas for Kids

There are things you can do at home to help your own environment too:

  • Create change – reuse, recycle and reduce waste at home.
  • Plant a tree, or create your own ecosystem in your back yard by making your very own a frog pond – if you research it right and create a good environment for the frogs – they will move in in no time.
  • Keep tidy – don’t litter, pick up litter at the beach, in the park or in the bush. Litter can be fatal to wildlife!

Kids - Very important– please make sure you have permission from your parents before you start.

Ideas for Schools


Very important– please make sure you have permission from your parents and teachers before you start. 

Ideas for Communities

  • Hold a cake stall, morning tea, or sausage sizzle where all money raised goes to ARP. With any group of 50 attendees and a dedicated donation of $10/head, an Asian Rhino Project representative will be happy to attend and provide a presentation on the Asian Rhino’s and the Asian Rhino Project if we have a member close by.
  • Organise and encourage the community, friends and family to participate in a sponsored walk.
  • Encourage local businesses to support an Asian Rhino Project event i.e. sponsored walk.
  • Arrange a local rubbish pick-up day in your area e.g. at the beach, in the park or in a nearby bush reserve. Most councils will allow you to do an organised rubbish pickup providing bags and fund the group per bag collected. Keep Australia beautiful and help save the rhino at the same time!
  • Donate items or make up a hamper for the Asian Rhino Project to raffle.
  • Become a member of Asian Rhino Project. Download Membership Form Here
  • Purchase Asian Rhino Project merchandise. Download Merchandise Form Here
  • Become a volunteer of Asian Rhino Project. Contact Us
  • Donate Today. Donate Here
  • Place collection tins at local businesses, gyms, schools and so on. ARP will provide labels and flyers.
  • Tell all your friends and family about us – ARP has pamphlets available for free – Contact Us to order them for distribution or Download Pamphlet Here.  

Ideas for Local Buisness

Please note:Corporate sponsorship can be acknowledged on the Asian Rhino Project website and published in our quarterly newsletter. Corporate Sponsors will receive our quarterly newsletters free of charge for that financial year with any donation or contribution over $500.  

Ideas for Members